I’ve seen quite a few articles on Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights but what about Tips for Taking Down Christmas Lights? Taking down your holiday lights and storing them until next year doesn’t have to be messy or complicated. Although not as much fun as putting them up, taking down your Christmas lights is generally quicker than putting them up. The key to pain-free Christmas decorating next year is to store your lights properly this year so that you don’t end up with a tangled mess or broken bulbs.

How many times do you go to grab your Christmas decorations from storage only to suddenly remember the headache of dealing with Christmas lights? Make this problem a thing of the past by following these steps on how to take down Christmas lights.

Here are some tips for taking down Christmas Lights:

  1. First things first, get motivated
    • The first supply you need when putting holiday decorations away is a healthy dose of motivation.
  2. Take down the opposite direction as you put up
    • I always recommend starting from the bottom to the top when hanging and taking down from the top to bottom.
  3. Wrap as you go
    • Whether you purchase something specifically for winding up your lights or you make one from wrapping paper tubes or flat pieces of cardboard, the best way to store your lights without a mess is to wrap them up as you take them down.
  4. Check each strand
    • Check each strand for broken lights before putting the strands into storage. Plug the string into an outlet and look for burnt-out bulbs. If the entire strand isn’t working, throw it out.
  5. Place the light strings into plastic storage totes.
    • Some specialized storage totes have slots for each pile of lights.
  6. Rein in icicle lights
    • Place a string of icicle lights onto a flat surface. Grasp the plug on one end and carefully pull the first icicle light into your hand. Continue gathering each individual icicle until they are all in hand. Tie a cable tie or twist tie around the wires at the top of the mound.
  7. Label container
    • Label each storage container with a permanent marker before putting it the basement or attic. Group together boxes with similar decorations — it will help make finding them easier. Once Christmas rolls around again, you’ll be in great shape!

When will you be taking down your Christmas lights?