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Christmas Light Installation for Car Dealerships

Every year, as the winter months approach dealerships cut back. It’s a major problem in the automotive industry—dealerships winterize their businesses by hibernating, by giving up at the end of the year. Bright and cheerful holiday decor makes your customer feel invited and welcome into your business and makes them want to stay longer. Keeping your customers longer means better chances of selling a car.

Your business, of course, won’t be the only business dressing up with holiday decor. Many other businesses will be doing the same – including many of your direct competitors. So while Christmas decorations can help to give you an edge in your marketing efforts, they can also help prevent you simply from losing ground to competitors.

The holiday season is a very busy time for most businesses. Allow us to design, install, and maintain your holiday lighting so you can focus on what is important; your family, business, and clients. We are accustomed to working in busy commercial environments with no or minimal disruption.


• Standard Christmas lighting (minis, C-9, C-7, etc.)
• LED lighting
• Wreaths
• Garland
• Trees
• Pole mounted banners
• Animated displays
• Low voltage lighting options
• Low voltage laser options…..NEW!

We offer all-inclusive Christmas light installation for car dealerships and can provide you with leasing or purchase options that meet your current needs. In addition to the installation and removal of your holiday lights and decorations we offer year round storage in a safe and clean indoor setting. Should you have any service issues, our staff will be attentive and responsive to the problem that you may have and make every effort to remedy the problem in a timely manner. We realize that the holiday season is short and that “time is of the essence” when it comes to replacing burnt out or malfunctioning lights.


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